white marble, Estremoz
    approximate dimensions: 2200 x 860 x 50mm
    weight: 329,8 Kg

    Fine-grained marble with white to crème color marble, sometimes slightly stained with grey or brown, coming from Borba, Alentejo, Portugal.
    Crystalline marble of balanced density, with excellent translucent properties.

    Dive in amazing seas, unique experiences, mystery, fantasy, transcendence.

    The beauty of creativity consists most of the time, in taking the first step, or in other words, to intent. Once passed this parameter, and the language defined, it only to follow the logic of discourse which is always inevitable and unforeseen. What may seem a water creature at a glance quickly turns into a leaf, a f lour or even a bird.

    It is this autonomy and ability for constant self-invention, that determines the aesthetic speech, that shapes it.

    Do not use cleaning products that contain acid, like muriatic (Hydrochloric), caustic soda (Sodium hydroxide) or other abrasive products that can damage the stone’s surface.

    The finish imperfections, such as scratches or slight surface warps, are left intentionally, as a visible display that each piece is unique and handmade. They are not meaningful in the global aspect of the piece.