limestone, Pêro Pinheiro
    approximate dimensions: 890 x 500 x 165mm
    weight: 11,8 Kg

    Sedimentary Rock, Lioz, from Pêro Pinheiro, Sintra, Lisboa, Portugal, of creme, grey and yellow hues. This stone is also known as Lisbon stone due to its recurrent use in architecture and city monuments and because the initial quarries are now the Monsanto area (National Forested Park).
    High density and thick limestone, with excellent modeling properties, that allows sharp edges and great detail.

    Nature inspires us, from the simple and ephemeral, like leafs, fruits and water.

    In a notable organic line, of informal yet careful look, creating ties, complicities, writing and structure, we have elaborate these insinuating objects, with f luttery and ambiguous lines, also a receptacle for fruits and other objects, as if it were always its birthplace.

    The interaction of organic forms enriched by form and function’s support and complementarity, in a single object, adds meaning and mystery.

    Do not use cleaning products that contain acid, like muriatic (Hydrochloric), caustic soda (Sodium hydroxide) or other abrasive products that can damage the stone’s surface.

    The finish imperfections, such as scratches or slight surface warps, are left intentionally, as a visible display that each piece is unique and handmade. They are not meaningful in the global aspect of the piece.