white marble, Estremoz
    approximate dimensions: 730 x 430 x 220mm
    weight: 17,8 Kg

    White fine- grained marble, coming from Herdade da Vigária, Alentejo, Portugal.
    Crystalline marble of balanced density, with excellent translucent properties.

    Light, line, movement, rhythm and contour, are the key words of this receptacle cycle for water.

    We have explored the organic lines, wind-made, in the dune landscape, the rhythms translated into writing, worked in the sand, and the ones caused by waves and tides. The careful study of this circumstance, harbors an infinite amount of knowledge and teaching. Every drawing is unique and perfect.

    In another perspective, solely object-oriented and material, we count on its artistic attributes, well-balanced crystal density, glow and transparency. When light, shade, and insight are added, the object’s energy can rival with the sea swell, the dunes and the wind.

    Do not use cleaning products that contain acid, like muriatic (Hydrochloric), caustic soda (Sodium hydroxide) or other abrasive products that can damage the stone’s surface.

    The finish imperfections, such as scratches or slight surface warps, are left intentionally, as a visible display that each piece is unique and handmade. They are not meaningful in the global aspect of the piece.